Enchanted places (Verwunschene Orte)
2012, Fotografie

Man is embedded in a great plan, he is part of a constant renewal and metamorphosis of being: "the meaning of migration, of movement in the landscape, of the contemplation of plants, of trees". — Dr. Stephan Mann

Secret messengers (Geheimboten)
2012, photography

Il Mare Seascape Visionary (Il Mare Seascape Visionär)
2012, photography

Horizon bracing (Horizont Verspannung)
1980, wooden poles, jute bags, coconut rope, b/w photography and slide/positive film

Rhine material on celluloid film (Rheinmaterial auf Celluloid Film)
1986, slide/positive film projection

Blue Madonna with reflections (Blaue Madonna mit Reflektionen)
1990, slide/positive film projection

Strange fruits / Withered tulips (Strange Fruits / Welke Tulpen)
2013, color photography

Has-been (Ge-Wesen)
1990, bw photography