Installation for GHOST 3 (Installation zu GHOST 3), 2021: Healing inside out (Healing inside out), 2021, acryl on nettle on wood, 150 x 300 x 5 cm; The last one turns off the light (Der Letzte macht das Licht aus), 2020, mixed media on nettle on wood, various natural relics and glass panes, 150 x 250 x 8 cm

Equipped with a transcending enthusiasm – that from the outside looks like irrationality or even insanity and from the inside breaks all barriers of cultural conditioning – the subject rises in his doing and in his being to unimagined heights. He leaves the trivial, this-worldly reality behind him and explores parallel universes, loses himself in them, finds delight in them. — Dr. Emmanuel Mir

Installation view: new works at ES_365, Düsseldorf, April 2022. Doors of perception, 2022, mixed media auf Nessel, 50 x 300 x 5 cm; Butoh performance setting Eternity: dance floor painted natural relics

They'll be good for something (Für irgendetwas werden die auch noch gut sein), 2019, installation, Installation, miscellaneous materials

Action painting out of one’s senses (Action Painting Von Sinnen), 2016, performance lounge, Kulturforum ALTE POST, Neuss

Installations for GHOST 3 (Installationen ZU GHOST 3), 2021, video projection, Waldfriedhof

Soultracks (Soultracks), 2020, installation, various natural relics, WELTKUNSTZIMMER, outdoor area

Berlin, Liegnitzer Strasse, urban intervention
2014, with Ruprecht Dreher, bw photography on foil plots, acrylic and spray on glass

GHOST 3 Set 1
Installation, setting for GHOST 3, 2021, Photography: Ravi Sejk