Psychic development (Psychic development)
2021, acrylic and spray paint on MDF, 150 x 180 cm

Sensing nature and its forces is existential to the evolution of the works. Organic processes of change, transience and dissolution become apparent and merge symbiotically with the canvas. As if from a densely overgrown thicket, emerging traces and relics of the painting process come to light and combine themselves with expressive worlds of colour. — Janine Blöß

Behind the shadow (Behind the shadow)
2020, mixed media on nettle, 180 x 120 cm

There remains light and confidence (Es bleibt Licht und Zuversicht)
2022, mixed media on wood, 120 x 170 cm

Shadow view (Schattenblick)
2022, acrylic on nettle, 150 x 300 x 5 cm

All in all (Alles in Allem)
2017, acrylic on cardboard on wood, 170,5 x 142 cm

A cauldron of colors (Ein Kessel Buntes)
2023, acrylic on nettle on wood, 250 x 150 cm

The last one turns off the light (Der Letzte macht das Licht aus)
2020, mixed media on nettle on wood, various natural relics and glass panes, 150 x 250 x 8 cm

The internal fire (Das innere Feuer)
2023, acrylic on wood, 210 x 190 cm

Fortune cookie (Fortune cookie)
2022, mixed media on nettle on wood, approx. 130 x 130 cm